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There are always things going on organised by the churches around the different villages, which you should able to find in the list below. If you would like to talk to someone about a baptism, wedding or funeral, please contact Rob (under Who's who). If you have to leave a message about a funeral particularly, we will be in touch immediately. Rob is also very happy to arrange for someone to come and see you if you are new to the village, or to talk about any aspect of the Christian faith and the church's life in the villages. If you would like to join in a course exploring the Christian faith in a relaxed and informal way with some good food, Rob would be pleased to hear from you.

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Praying together in Arminghall

Wed, 20 Feb, 2019, 12noon @ Arminghall Church
Praying together in Arminghall

It is an amazing privilege to be able to spend time with God, and to know that he hears our prayers—more than the best of human fathers. Across our group of churches we are meeting more regularly now, to pray that God’s kingdom will come in the world, and in our communities here, and that people will come to know Jesus. Please come and join us to pray anywhere, any time. Our prayers will cross parish boundaries as we hold the different villages before God wherever we are; please do cross them yourselves and join us as much as you can.


Contact Rob for more details - 01508 492305

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Praying Together

Praying Together (1 week to go)

The Vicarage, Mill Road, Stoke Holy Cross
Praying together in Caistor St Edmund

Praying together in Caistor St Edmund (4 weeks to go)

Caistor St Edmund Church
Praying together in Arminghall

Praying together in Arminghall (1 month to go)

Arminghall Church
Praying Together

Praying Together (1 month to go)

The Vicarage, Mill Road, Stoke Holy Cross

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