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Rob Baker

Rob is the Vicar of our group of churches, which means he is reponsible for leading us in the direction God is calling us, and is the person most people meet when they want to get in touch with the church, for help with things like baptisms, weddings and funerals, and much more besides. Vicars care about and pray for everyone in the area, whether they normally come to church events or not, and love to talk about Jesus and what he has done. You are most likely to see Rob with some of his and Cathryn's 3 children, Jonathan, Grace and Samuel. 

The Vicarage
Mill Road
Stoke Holy Cross
NR14 8PA
01508 492305

Lyn Marsh

Lyn is our assistant minister in the Venta Group. She and her husband Gary have lived in Stoke Holy Cross for several years.  Lyn and Gary have two adult children, Christopher and Helen.  She is chair of the primary school governors.  Her passion is following Jesus’ example of gathering and building community and she welcomes opportunities to talk to all ages in our lovely villages and at work at the University of East Anglia.


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